Measuring Writing Output

Words are to writers as clay is to sculptors. (Old Jungle Saying)

  Each morning I wrestle with my computer for a minimum of ten minutes and attempt to crank out some words.

  Flowstate is brilliant for hosting this event because it will not tolerate laziness and a result is certain. Any break in typing for more than a few seconds results in the total destruction of the entire document, with no chance of recovery. This threat alone is enough to keep me clacking away furiously.

  I have devised a workflow to track and report these daily dances. While the words written this way are invariably terrible, the point is that they have been written, and with the bad ones out of the way, the good ones can shyly approach.

  I want to reward myself for actually getting into the chair and doing some work. So I am setting up an easily repeatable way to track my output and thus be inspired to do more.

  With this approach completed, my daily routine can become more powerful over time, until I am steamrolling through many thousands of words per day like a crazed cassowary sniffing out ripe pineapples.

  This experiment ran for one week and you can see the results here.

If you are interested in the code, you can find it here.