What is an Experimental Artist?

  An Experimental Artist creates works of art and uses them to defeat demons of two types; external demons who manifest in the world as forces such as Greed, Passivity, Cruelty and Ignorance; and internal demons which exist within the mind of the Experimental Artist himself, manifesting as varied and powerful forms including Fear, Guilt, and Distraction.

  An Experimental Artist combines a wizard’s love of science, facts and calculation with a bard’s emotional intuition and desire to entertain and educate. She describes her approach as ‘experimental’ because she chooses to work in combinations that feel new, and the act of creation often includes the trappings of scientific method, including the results of each experiment being meticulously captured, analysed and shared.

  Experimental Artists are not motivated by fame or wealth. They realise deeply that the first to explore are rarely the first to be recognised. They are motivated by money so far as it is required to deal with practicalities such as food, lodgings, and materials to conduct experiments. They desire the inner sense of satisfaction felt when crafting something that brings them and their loved ones joy, and seek approval and feedback from a small group of close friends and allies.


Experimental Artists are hardworking and pick up new skills quickly.


If an Experimental Artist does not keep creating art they will become affected by self doubt.




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Visual Art