Short Stories

Danger Dreams

These stories all appear in the Danger Dreams collection. There are a limited number of physical copies available. Contact me if you are interested in owning one.

Cold Black Magic
A card leads a man to a Witch Doctor. He is prescribed a powerful elixir which alters his perception of reality.

Morning Vultures
A dreamer fights off vultures.

Red Highway
Bob saves a couple of Italian sheilas from some baddies.

The Omega Automatic Searmasters Cosmic
A reflection about a watch.

Marmalade And Rhymes
There is a place where you may eat delicious jams while enjoying poetry.

Uncle Reuben’s Farmhouse
Anna Jackson visits her strange Uncle for the second, and last, time.

The Grim Tale Of Mr Lightfoot
Tarelle and Brock encounter a sinister man who leaves no tracks.

The Walk
An old man goes for a walk.

From Alcatraz To Charon
Frank Miller excapes form Alcatraz and drowns, but not before asking a favour from Death.

Pomodori Galactic
The distance of space does not make it easier to forget.

The Stick And The Trick
An arrogant Magician meets his match in the forest.

In a cave on a beach, mysterious creature drives a man to insanity.

Rocky Butterfly Dances On The Moon
A young butterfly believes in herself and then realises her dream.