Willie McRae... Music

I've written music as different personas.

The best place to hear most of it is on KMI Radio.

Another good place is my Soundcloud.

Cassowary Priest

... with President God

The Labyrinth Of Ancient Stone

Orlac Wizard

Hands Of Orlac

Extreme Power And Wealth

Orgy Wand

Glyphs Of Power

Seven Magic Potions

Funky And Dangerous

Return To Orlac Tower

From The Vortex To The Tower

The New Wizard


... with The Torrens

Some of these were written and produced 100% by Lilac Provider, but I am including the full list of what The Torrens has performed.

Crazy Nights

Don't Let Go

Gap Attack

Girl For Me

Hard Pressed

Make Your Choice

Moving Out

No Smoke

Only A Woman Can Make Me Cry

Punjabi Wizard

Primal Instinct


Septic Head

Punjabi Wizard


Over The Influence

Make Your Choice

... with President God

Bear Trappin'

Smash The Crab

Willie McRae

Gumeracha Frog

Farmer Zombie

Day By Day

Jungle Law

Back From Hell


The Black Knight

When I Get To Where I'm Going

Train Of War

Starting Over Again

Tonight I'm Gonna Bury It

The Promise Of A Man Soon To Die

Battle Cry Of The Indigenous Man

Coming Back To You

The End Of The Line

The Flaming Skull Of Death

Let's Talk About You

Truck Driver's Code

All I'm Living For

A Nice Night To Be Alone

Killing Time

Heading For The Horizon

Whispers In The Wind

The Man Who Mutters

Pornographic Pirate

Spiders On The Ceiling

Cooked With Love

Whispers In The Wind

Living In Moorooka

The Murder Of Jake Catlin

Hard Times

Tease Me

Another Day Another Place



Interstate Girlfriend Blues

... with High Stakes


My Freedom

Monte Cristo

Downtown Trends


Gung Ho


Death Alien Vagina Woman

Undressed Again

Old Workhorse

Heard It All Before

Rod Ready

Take It As It Comes

Where It All Went

Hellfire Heart

Feel The Love

Shake Your Head

I'll See Ya

Texan Brunette Woman

Black Label

I Want You

Getting Hard

Cash Money

Oz Summer Nights

Start It Up

Over The Trees

Straight In Straight Out

Check Out Chick


Moaning Lisa

Raising The Stakes

Black Label

Hot Rod

Power Pole

... with Candy

You're Gonna Like It There

Mutual Attraction

The Less I See You The More I Love You



... with DSV

Icy Pole





Drown The Fish

Red Cordial