Willie McRae... Writing

Short Stories

The Art and Science of Head-Rivering

... in Danger Dreams:

Cold Black Magic

Morning Vultures

Red Highway

The Omega Automatic Seamasters Cosmic

Marmalade And Rhymes

Uncle Reuben’s Farmhouse

The Grim Tale Of Mr Lightfoot

The Walk

From Alcatraz To Charon

Pomodori Galactic

The Stick And The Trick


Rocky Butterfly Dances On The Moon



La Passagiata

27 Days Of Scramble

The Loch Ness Monster

Tropical Island World

The butterfly Cage With Two Ears

Why Must I Learn To Drive Again?

Time To Fight

Where My Spirit Goes

Play With Me

Why Love?


Mörk Borg

Opportunity Cost

Opinion On Cities

The Beat Of The Story

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Lucky Me

Late Lamentation Inclusive Of Six Words

Optimus Prime

Get A Quill

Chilli Kettle Chip


The Comeuppance Of Clarence Boddicker

Advice To Metal Musicians

The First Blank

Playing The Piano With My Nose

An Ancient Mentor

Reflections On Reaching A Certain Age

Something New For You

The First Reading

Five Answers To The Same Question

Three Dogs I Have Known

Reflections Delivered Via A Curtal Sonnet

The Rooms I Have No Interest In

Everything Is Going To Be Amazing

The GAF Index

Contemplation Of Meaning

Ode To Reggae

On The Path To Writing One Thousand Words

Cassowary Priest: Revelation

The Watched Pot

All Engines Go

The Phantom Mixes A Drink

Day Zero

The Robot From Snowy River

The Moat

The Black Telephone